Advanced Cloud Call Center Software

Improve your Service Levels from Anywhere in the World

Features can be scaled up and down with great flexibility!

Workstation operation is agile and simple as hosted systems use less resourses.

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Run Your Contact Center

in the Cloud!

Nuxiba's cloud call center software provides your contact center with immediate access to IT resources without installing the solution.

Execute applications from any location via Internet and invest no more money in the acquisition and implementation of infrastructure

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Transform the experience.

Supervisors can examine real-time detailed information to improve every customer experience.

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Simple and easy-to adapt

Our platform adapts your contact center to the latest changes in communications technology.

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Self-Service System

Add, delete, and modify campaigns online without third-party intervention.

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Our cloud call center software ensures the delivery of first-class services.

Inbound and Outbound Module

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously in a single platform. Monitor, manage, and control calls dialing and routing across your contact center.

Predictive Dialer

This automated system dials all the phone numbers in your database achieving a high contact ratio through callback attempts.

Human Voice Detection

The human voice detection feature ensures that agents always get to speak with a person, thereby reducing downtimes


Retrieve information in next to no time. Search files based on different parameters like data, seat, call duration, campaign, etc.

CRM Express

Organize and synchronize your client information in simple steps. In cloud-based systems, an internet connection is all you need to access data anytime, anywhere.


Record the calls and screen activity of all your agents. Assess your contact center’s performance, detect areas for improvement, and back up customer interactions

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What our customers have to say:

Nuxiba's cloud-based technology has enabled UGTeleservices to grow from 30 to 100 agent seats.

"If a competitor of ours ask us for a cloud-based telephony platform, I would said that we use Nuxiba for 3 going to 4 years now, and the support team is great, is very helpful".

Kyle Hannah


Let’s start together. Nuxiba trains you and your team in how to use this cloud call center software to the best advantage of your business and goals.

Training and support at no cost!

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