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Credit Management Control Study Case!

The Challenge

This debt collection company were having trouble keeping its call center costs under control. The pricing their vendor was charging them restricted company growth...

The Solution

They discovered that Nuxiba’s platform is completely customizable and flexible.

“By switching to Nuxiba’s platform I cut my call center costs by 50%".

  • Jim Brick, Owner & President, CMC.
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Increase your Debt Recovery Rates!


Centralize hundreds of distributed call centers on one Contact Center facilitating monitoring and operations


Operate from wherever you are


Use traditional inbound/outbound service including all contact center channels & technologies.

Phone Monitor

Handling more than 20,000 inbound calls per hour on bank and telecom´s Customer service through BPO´s

Administrator Module

Configure, manage and control

all agent activity

Reports and Statystics

Get comprehensive, drill-down analytics regarding all campaigns!

IVR System

Develop auto-attendant menus and increase service availability.

Admin, supervision and Monitoring

Monitor your operation in real time. Ensure your collection strategy across your communication channels

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