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The Call Center Software Disruptor

We are a technology company with more than 20 years of experience in software engineering for Call and Contact Center.

Discover our all-in-one cloud-based software, with data security, is accessible, scalable and customizable to your business needs!

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Experience and creativity is what makes innovation possible at Nuxiba.

We take care of every aspect of our system from security, usability, flexibility, quality, so that our business partners can take care of the most important thing, their customers.

We own a worldwide instaled base and a growing market share ranging from large to mid-sized and small contact centers.

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Transform your customers experience.

Personalized services are nowadays an ever growing preference among clients and a means for establishing long-term business relationships.


Next-generation platfforms.

An unparalleled experience

Deliver the best experience at every touch point of your CC. Monitor every interaction to increase quality and customer satisfaction.

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Enhance your operation and achieve higher productivity.

By having an intuitive and easy to use system, you can give more focus to the customer without worrying about the operation!

What our customers have to say

Get to know some of our solutions that are adaptable to your line of business.

Debt Collection Software

Improve your debt recovery strategy by improving your contact ratio!

Cloud Contact Center Software

Execute applications from anywhere in the world via Internet and invest no more money in infrastructure

Customer Service Software

Use Nuxiba's applications to provide a five-star service.

Telemarketing Software

Boost your productivity and increase ypur profits by connecting a larger number of calls

Help Desk Software

Provide your clients with the best experience and effective, personalized suppor using CenterWare.

Predictive Dialer

Boost your agents' productivity with effective calls in the fastest time interval and at the lowest cost.

Let us help you grow your business!


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Making the right choice isn't always hard.

Plus get to know our 3-Month Nuxiba Guarantee!

Improve your performance results and increase your revenue in 3 months, or get your money back.1

*Services Currently Only Available in US, Canada & Latin America.

*some restrictions may apply*

Nuxiba in our customers' words

Get to know some of our Study Cases:

“By switching to Nuxiba’s platform I cut my call center costs by 50%".

Jim Brick, Owner & President, Credit Management Control.

"If a competitor of ours ask us for a cloud-based telephony platform, I would said that we use Nuxiba for 3 going to 4 years now, and the support team is great, is very helpful".

Kyle Hannah

UGTeleservices CEO.

"After Nuxiba there have been virtually zero outages in ten years! As a result, we have been able to save up to $500 a day!"

Casey Newsome

Senior Supervisor, Issues and Answers Networks.

We invite you to live the experience and discover why the Nuxiba’s average customer loyalty is more than 12 years.


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