Manual Dialing doesn’t equal TCPA Compliance

Learn how to maximize your call center with a TCPA Compliant Dialer!

TCPA stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act , it is dedicated to the protection of consumers and it restricts telemarketing calls and the use of automated telephone equipment.

Additionally to this, the Federal Trade Commission started, the National "Do Not Call Registry" in which customers can register their home or mobile number to avoid receiving telemarketing calls.

In 2013, Nuxiba Technologies, put together the first TCPA Compliant dialer that protects you from such litigation and returns the efficiency of the dialer to you.

TCPA Compliance

Time zone validation 

The system can verify that campaign calls are being made within clients' time zone.

DNCL Scrub Service

To compare the database or Excel records with the national do-not-call registry of the FTC.


This feature allows interactive automatic dialing but with little human intervention for further regulation.

Try out our call center solution and discover all the features Nuxiba can offer to your business.

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